Pam Anderson recently made TIME Magazine’s list of election defenders, which is a significant and honorable achievement for Colorado’s Republican candidate for Secretary of State.

The current office holder, Jena Griswold, did not make the list of election defenders, despite all her caterwauling and insistence she was the one true defender of the faith in free elections.

Turns out Griswold isn’t as big a supporter of free and fair elections as she would have us believe, as evidenced by this recent confession to Aspen Public Radio.

Asked what she was most proud of in her role as secretary of state to ensure “fair and safe and secure elections,” Griswold responded:

“ … Making sure that voters in Democratic leaning counties have elections that they deserve as Colorado citizens.”

Wait. What about all the other Colorado voters who live in counties that don’t lean Democrat? They don’t deserve fair elections because they don’t live in Aspen or the Front Range?

Matt Connelly over at Campfire Colorado took one for the team in plodding through the Aspen Public Radio interview to catch Griswold’s confession.

Griswold has been no stranger to electoral funny business while she’s been in office, Connelly reminds.

Most recently, Griswold was exposed for spreading election disinformation to the media claiming Republicans planned to strip everyone of their voting rights.

Jena Griswold launches disinformation campaign claiming we will lose the right to vote if we don’t vote for her.

No wonder TIME included Anderson instead of Griswold on its list of election defenders.