The socialist menace has reared its ugly head to threaten the good people of Aurora.

And how exactly will Socialist Democrat Juan Marcano achieve his vision of creating a safe, clean, and thriving city?

Here’s a hint:

Upon closer examination, it appears Marcano wants to cordon off 15-minute neighborhoods across the city where we can walk or bike everywhere and don’t need to pay for roads anymore, which he thinks is a burden on “everyone” when motorists pay for roads through our gas taxes, vehicle taxes, and other user taxes.

We should have to walk. that’s the socialist way!

Then without roads, and confined to our 15-minute socialist ghettos, we won’t have as much crime cause there won’t be much to steal.

We won’t have any goods or services trucked into town, so there won’t be as much litter from food containers.

We’ll turn the abandoned streets into community gardens, planted with seeds that are transported here via carrier pigeon.

Okay, so that won’t work.

Maybe we can convince the migrants vacationing in Denver on their sightseeing trip across America at taxpayer expense, to make a pitstop in Aurora and bike us in all the food and medicine we’ll need to survive without streets.

That’s how to Socialist Colorado!

Meanwhile, here’s the kind of in-depth coverage of a socialist Democrat we can expect from the media establishment.