The Republican and Democrat parties in Colorado will be installing new leadership this spring in the reorganization process that begins on the precinct level next month and culminates with the state conventions in early spring.

Some in the media are already having a grand old time trashing the Grand Old Party candidates while downplaying the Democrats’ reorg.

Granted, the Republicans will have a fight on their hands among the different factions vying for control of the state party.

That doesn’t mean Democrats are without their faults, and yet Colorado Politics dutifully reports:

Things are quieter on the Democratic side, with two-term 1st vice chair Howard Chou, veteran political operative Shad Murib and Larimer County party stalwart Tim Kubik in the running for chair.

Meanwhile, the Republicans will be choosing more than just a new chair. They will also be deciding on a new direction for the next two years that will determine whether they can win back some seats, or drift further into obscurity on the backs of issues that just aren’t engaging voters.

Which brings us to the literal elephant in the room, Tina Peters, the former Mesa County clerk who has touted herself as a potential candidate, but, whose March trial coincides with reorg activities.

Will she be found guilty of breaching voting machines in her ill-fated quest to determine whether the machines had been breached? Can she serve as chairwoman from jail?

Then there’s the Colorado Springs contingent, which is also divided among itself and producing some headline squabbling. Former state Rep. Dave Williams is being mentioned as a possible contender.

In the race for certain are:

  • Erik Aadland, a West Point graduate who fought valiantly against “Brittany” for the 7th Congressional District Seat
  • Casper Stockham, former congressional candidate in the 6th District
  • Vickie Tonkins, who served two-terms as the Republican chair in El Paso County
  • Aaron Wood, a conservative Christian activist from Highlands Ranch

The new chair will replace, Kristi Burton Brown, who is not seeking another term.