It looks like the bloom is off the rose and the popularity of U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert is wilting among some of her top Western Slope supporters.

The “Beetlejuice” incident in a Denver theater was cited this week by Mesa County Commissioner Cody Davis as he explained why he’s pulling his long-time support of his fellow Republican.

Mesa County Commissioner Cody Davis with U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert.

“I’ve done nothing but defend Lauren Boebert for the last two and a half years against what I felt were unfair attacks. However, Boebert’s recent behavior is simply indefensible. I’ve heard people say that there is differential treatment between her actions and other Democrats, but that’s a poor excuse for her behavior. This isn’t a personal attack on Lauren but rather a reflection of the profound respect I hold for the office she occupies,” Davis said.

It’s not enough for Republicans to advocate for conservative values, Davis said. Republicans elected to office must also embody those values as well.

Boebert initially denied she was vaping during a performance of the musical, and said she was just singing and being too loud.

The theater released numerous video clips of the incident, including shots of the congresswoman vaping during intermission, and being groped by her date whom she has since dumped.

Davis is throwing his support behind GOP challenger and local attorney Grand Junction attorney Jeff Hurd.

The Daily Sentinel, no fan of Boebert’s, called other elected Republicans known to support the congresswoman to see if anyone else was ready to jump ship.

It certainly sounds like the S.S. Boebert is taking on water.

Former Grand Junction Mayor and state Rep. Rick Taggart says he’s considering withdrawing support, while state Sen. Janice Rich says she is praying over the question of whether to continue backing Boebert.

Commissioner Janet Rowland, a fervent Boebert supporter since before she defeated five-term U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton in the 2020 GOP primary, said she, too, isn’t endorsing Boebert, but she’s not backing anyone else either.


“Typically, I don’t endorse candidates in an election year when I am also a candidate, and that will be the case for 2024,” Rowland said. “Lauren is a personal friend of mine, so any thoughts I have about the theater incident I have shared with her personally.”

When personal girlfriends start “sharing thoughts” about your bad behavior and praying for you, that’s a pretty big clue you messed up big time.

Other backers may not dis Boebert publicly, but it sure sounds like no one’s lining up to come to her defense or endorse her.