PeakFeed: Gardner’s “Next Generation Energy” Ad Neutralizes Enviro Attacks

Cory Gardner’s new ad must really piss of liberal billionaire Tom Steyer.

The GOP senate candidate’s latest 30-second spot highlights his support for Colorado’s wind industry, and the fact that he co-wrote the law to launch the state’s green energy industry.  Gardner’s ad also challenges a common stereotype about Republicans – that they don’t support renewable energy.  The fact is that most of them do.

While rich eco-activists, like Steyer, hope to make the environment a hot button issue during this cycle, they’re going to be disappointed to learn that 1) Gardner is actually strong when it comes to this subject and 2) voters aren’t really motivated by a candidate’s stance on global warming.

According to a recent story in The Denver Post, “National polls often show climate change or the environment as rating in single-digit percentages as the most important issue for voters….” Gardner’s message of creating energy to sustain the next generation no doubt ranks much higher.


OPERATIVE ERROR: Colorado Leftie Opens Udall Up To Masshole Attacks


As campaign season revs up to full bore, it’s easy for political operatives from either side to be blinded by the feeling to always need to attack to lose sight of the entire battlefield.  Colorado Leftie Laura Chapin made this classic mistake last night, as she thought a quick tweet could score her and her side some cheap points easily.  Unfortunately for her, it opened up a whole other flank with which to attack Sen. Mark Udall.

The tweet:


Chapin’s attack is based off a story The Denver Post’s Lynn Bartels published earlier.  Unfortunately for Chapin, it doesn’t appear she read all the way through the article as Rep. Cory Gardner’s visit to the “frat” he belonged to was more Boy Scouts of America than Animal House.  As Bartels writes:

U.S. Senate candidate Cory Gardner got a celebrity welcome when he stopped by his old fraternity at Colorado State University…

Yes, Cory Gardner, the former ram handler at CSU, the former state lawmaker, the Republican congressman from Yuma trying to take down U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, a Democrat. The Cory Gardner who, while a college student was, get ready, a Democrat

He graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in political science from CSU in 1997. He was a member of FarmHouse Fraternity, which is part Colorado State University’s sorority and fraternity system but without the Greek letters. In other words no hazing, secret handshakes or wild pledge parties.

According it its website, FarmHouse “follows four main aspects in building men throughout their time in college — spiritual, intellectual, social/moral and physical.” [the Peak’s emphasis]

To draw attention to such a positive Gardner piece was idiotic by Chapin.  Which part did she think Colorado voters would most be disgusted by?  That Gardner went to college in-state?  That he was such a loyal Ram, he actually handled CSU’s mascot?  That it’s really easy for him to work across the aisle because at one point he was sitting on the other side (before he came to his senses, ‘natch)?  That Gardner’s such a good guy his “fraternity experience” has more in common with 4H than keg stands?

If that wasn’t bad enough, this gives us a fine excuse to turn a light on Udall’s own education experience.  Spoiler alert PeakNation™, you won’t see Udall drop by his alma mater anytime soon when he has a few spare minutes to kill.  Why’s that?  It’s because the born-and-raised Arizonan went to a small, elitist college in Massachusetts, Williams College.  Williams College is for those who think Harvard is too Plebian.  Tuition, room, and board last year was a cool $61,000 for just one year.  That’s more than the average Colorado family makes in a year.

It’s only after Udall matriculated at the uber-liberal Williams College for four years that he finally made it out to Colorado.  We’re betting the closest Udall ever got to having an open mind and considering any side but his own was when he drove through Kansas on his way out to school.  Just kidding, Senator’s sons don’t drive across the country.

So, from the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank Chapin for highlighting the collegiate difference between Colorado through-and-through Gardner, and Masshole Udall.


WINGNUT WHO? Cory Booker Forgets That Udall Is “Most Liberal” Candidate in Competitive Races

So, what you’re saying is that Udall is the wingnut?

Over the weekend, Sen. Cory Booker stumped for vulnerable Sen. Mark Udall.  According to Lynn Bartels at The Denver Post‘s Spot blog, Booker described Gardner as a wingnut, but the problem is that it’s actually Udall who is on the fringe. From the Post:

“Booker described Gardner as a ‘wingnut’ and said the reason the country is interested in Udall’s race is because ‘so goes Colorado in November, so goes America.’”

But, just last month, the New York Times had this to say about Udall:

“Per our numbers, the biggest ideological gap between candidates is in Colorado. Democrat Mark Udall is rated as the most liberal of the candidates running in a competitive Senate race this year.”

The New York Times isn’t exactly a shill for the right either.  But, the facts are the facts.  Udall is only one or two of politicians in competitive races who continue to oppose the Keystone Pipeline, for example.  Udall sided with fellow wingnut Tom Steyer and his radical environmental policies.  The stimulus?  Udall noted that a lot of good projects were cut from the bloated, wasteful program. Translation: he wanted a bigger program. Then, there was the Obamacare issue.

Booker can lob all the lies and half-truths from the left he wants, but Udall’s record of voting with Obama 99% of the time speaks for itself.


FLOODED WITH LIES: Udall, Hickenlooper, And Democrats Politicize Tragedy

“Nothing is too slimy for me to do to get reelected”

PeakNation™, you may have missed this Truth Test put out by Brandon Rittiman at 9News this week, but we think it is well worth your time to catch it.  Sen. Mark Udall and surrogates attacking on Gov. John Hickenlooper’s behalf (if Hick is really sincere in his belief that negative campaigning only poisons the water well, then he needs to forcefully denounce anyone who does so on his behalf.  Then again, the only thing Hickenloooper does forcefully is ogle women) have politicized the devastating floods that killed a number of Coloradans last year and destroyed many more lives and communities.  If that wasn’t enough, Udall and Hickenlooper’s complete rewrite of history flies in the face of the very bipartisan response of Colorado’s politicians to the floods last year.  Does Udall not remember sitting across from Gardner in a helicopter as they surveyed together the devastation across Colorado?  Rittiman certainly remembers.

Udall is running a campaign where nothing is left sacred.  What should be a moment of pride for Coloradans everywhere, a time that represents who we are, people who can passionately disagree with one another but come together to fight alongside each other when tragedy strikes, has been cheapened and destroyed by Udall and his campaign, who only cares about winning an election no matter the costs.  That is not the Colorado way, and that is not who we are as Coloradans.  There are lines we won’t cross, and there are traditions of doing what is right that are more important than casting your neighbor out so you can win.  If Udall insists on running a campaign that degrades what us Coloradans can achieve when we come together, then it is time for him to go.

We will say this for Udall though, at least he doesn’t have to hide, cowering behind other people, while they do his dirty work.  Hickenlooper doesn’t even have enough dignity to do that.



DEATH TO GOP: A Cause SEIU Can Believe In

In an era when political rancor runs high and the general public is searching for leaders to break through the din, yesterday, a union political organization stood out.  Not for taking a leadership role, but for being exceptionally rancorous. In July, liberal Rep. Crisanta Duran was caught chanting “Death to Colorado GOP” – totally unbecoming of an elected official, regardless of whether she agrees with those across the aisle or not. We called her out on it.

Yesterday, the Service Employees International Union finally responded to the tweet…after an entire month had passed.  Here’s what the SEIU had to say about Colorado GOP:

SEIU Local 105, is death to GOP a cause you believe in?  We certainly hope not.  Then again, without Colorado members of the GOP, SEIU might save a significant amount of money.

Since 2000, SEIU and its various entities have spent nearly $8 million to influence state and local races (donating exclusively to Democrats and their causes, of course).  This cycle, SEIU has spent at least $75,000 against federal candidate U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, and almost as much against Rep. Cory Gardner, who is running against liberal Sen. Mark Udall.

But, beyond the cost savings realized if all Colorado GOP candidates, um, died, we’re pretty sure there are at least a few GOP union members. No wonder union membership is at an all-time low.  Who wants to belong to a union that calls for its members’ deaths?


GROWING CANCELLATIONS: Another 2K In Cancellations That Udall Promised Wouldn’t

“Ouch, 340,000 Coloradans aren’t going to be happy with me.”

Despite Colorado Insurance Commissioner Marguerite Salazar’s best attempts to prevent more health care cancellation notices from piling up at the feet of Sen. Mark Udall, she wasn’t able to stop a further 2,000 from being added this month.  The 335K figure everyone has been quoting will now be 340K+ figure since these 2,000 are joining another 3,000+ that have been lost since April.  As Valerie Richardson at The Washington Times writes:

The state Division of Insurance said in a letter to the Colorado Senate Republicans that another 2,105 policies were discontinued in August in the aftermath of the Affordable Care Act, bringing the total to 341,666.

The growing tally has dogged the Democrat Udall in his bid for re-election. Republicans have blasted him for voting in favor of Obamacare and then repeating President Obama’s claim that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” which PolitiFact voted the 2013 Lie of the Year.

One would think having been caught telling the lie of the year would lead Udall to run a campaign that tried to overcompensate for such a fact.  Not Udall.  Rather, he made the radical decision to double down by running a campaign chalked full of lies and deceits.  Any hope that he would reassure Coloradans that he wasn’t the liar of the year PolitFact called him in 2013, went out the window even before his first extremist ad.  Udall has followed that first ad with more negative, cynical, and—dare we say—dour political ads with nary an apology to any of the now 340K+ Coloradans who have lost the very health care plans Udall promised they could keep.  This doesn’t even begin to count the number of Coloradans who’ve lost their doctors because the one they have been seeing all these years is no longer covered by their insurance.

In such a tight race between Udall and Rep. Cory Gardner, a few hundred votes on Election Day could be the deciding factor.  Udall can’t be sleeping easy knowing each day hundreds and hundreds of more Coloradans are getting cancellation notices in their mailboxes.  Cancellation notices that he promised would never come.  Adding them to the already 340K+ Coloradans makes a very large bloc of Colorado voters Udall directly lied to.  They would be more than enough to be the death knell of Udall’s political career.


BIG SPENDERS: Steyer’s NextGen Gives Money to VoteVets, Senate Majority PAC?

Mark Steyer, NextGen’s primary supporter

Far left environmentalist, Tom Steyer, may want to check the mission of his NextGen organization – is it a Democratic money laundering outfit or is it an organization dedicated to advancing his environmental agenda?  Politico this morning reported on the spending of Steyer’s organization after it was revealed that he raised a paltry $500,000 in July from one other donor, the founder of Patagonia.  From Politico:

Meanwhile, NextGen continues to spend big, with expenses last month totaling more than $6.5 million. That includes $1.4 million to a state-level NextGen committee in Pennsylvania; $250,000 to another state-level NextGen in Maine; $150,000 to the League of Conservation Voters Victory Fund; $250,000 for the Action Fund; $200,000 to American Bridge 21st Century; and $282,146.99 in reimbursements for staff time and overhead for NextGen Climate Action, a separate 501(c)(4). The super PAC also reported paying Boston-based Buzzards Bay Strategies more than $90,000 for grassroots consulting services. And NextGen sent the Senate Majority PAC $500,000, adding to a $5 million check Steyer funneled to the Democratic PAC via NextGen earlier this year. [Peak emphasis]

According to the NextGen website, here is the organization’s mission:

“NextGen Climate is a non-partisan organization focused on bringing climate change to the forefront of American politics.”

It’s tough to think of NextGen as nonpartisan (not that we ever did) when it donates to the Democratic Senate Majority PAC.  Like the fractivists in Colorado, NextGen must decide whether it is a Democratic organization or an environmental organization.  This was an issue we touched upon earlier this month when it became apparent that, for fractivists, party trumped issue:

“Think about it.  Fractivists shout from every Colorado mountaintop that fracking causes cancer, birth defects, and poisoned water (none of these are accurate, but we digress).  Yet, if they truly believe all of what they say, how could Giddens and other radical environmentalists possibly vote for recent fracking converts like Udall and Hick?  It would be a betrayal of their own survival instincts.”

We suspect that, despite Steyer’s calls for a clean environment, he’s really just about dirty politics as usual.


DOUBLE VISION: Dem Professional Class Already Mailing This Election In

We don’t know what is more sad and depressing for Colorado Democrats: the embarrassing plagiarizing of themselves or the fact that they think these attacks against Rep. Cory Gardner are strong enough to bear repeating.

Brandon Rittiman over at 9News places two Democratic ads attacking Gardner next to each other.  Lo and behold, the Democratic operatives who made these ads couldn’t even be bothered to cast two actors, and just used the same one.  Further, the tone, the pace, the rhetoric, even the kitchen where the ad takes place are all the same.  Hopefully, one of the Democratic outside groups who paid for these ads saved its receipt; they should be able to demand a refund for such shoddy work.

To add to the embarrassment of the entire situation, the attacks leveled against Gardner in these ads are mostly distortions or just outright lies.  The fact that they are attacking Gardner for tax breaks that Sen. Mark Udall himself has voted for, shows just how desperate the Colorado Left has gotten in trying to lower Gardner’s numbers to Udall’s level.

Have a look for yourself here: continue…


PeakFeed: Gardner Keeps Pressure on Udall over Obamacare Support

Rep. Cory Gardner’s latest television ad tells the story of the 335,000 Coloradans who received healthcare cancellation notices because of Sen. Mark Udall’s support for Obamacare. Gardner’s family was among those whose health insurance was cancelled.  They bought their plan off the open market like so many Coloradans and were not on the health insurance offered to members of Congress.

Sadly, Colorado families have not only lost their health insurance plans but also seen their premiums rise and lost access to their doctors.  If Udall wants to talk about social issues, he needs to realize this is the real social issue of the 2014 campaign.  


TAKEDOWN: Is Dem Shill Laura Chapin Intellectually Dishonest Or Just Lazy?


Does Colorado Left extremist shill Laura Chapin really get paid to shovel her BS?  We can’t even argue with her on philosophical grounds as she proves by her multiple manipulations of facts, she lives in her own fantasy world.  Then again, Colorado Democrats haven’t been in touch with reality for a while now.

But, don’t take our word for it, let’s dive into this drivel:

What a disaster, and an embarrassing contradiction to the whole “rebrand” effort. Leave it to the House Republicans to drive home the narrative to Latino voters that Republicans are completely hostile to them and their families.

…And it’s why Rep. Cory Gardner can’t win his race for the Senate. Gardner’s votes to deport Dreamers…

Chapin doesn’t let the fact that Gardner actually voted against the very bill Chapin uses to paint Republicans as extremists stand in her way.  No, for her, lying to prove her point is just as good as actually having a well-thought out point to begin with.  Chapin looks even worst when she knows herself that she’s lying by omission here.  Here’s a tweet she sent out Saturday morning, already in full spin mode:

Does she just hope everyone is as lazy as her and won’t call her out on this crap?

She follows up this brilliant piece of intellectual dishonesty by trying to push the tired, old narrative Democrats have on gerrymandering:

Republicans have decided their only chance of retaining any influence is to gerrymander the House into a puzzle catering to the most blinkered elements of their base.

Does this mean she’s not very well-read either?  Even that bible of progressivism, The New York Times, has refuted these worn-out themes:

In the vast majority of states, our nonpartisan simulations produced Republican seat shares that were not much different from the actual numbers in the last election. This was true even in some states, like Indiana and Missouri, with heavy Republican influence over redistricting.

…The problem for Democrats is that they have overwhelming majorities not only in the dense, poor urban centers, but also in isolated, far-flung college towns, historical mining areas and 19th-century manufacturing towns that are surrounded by and ultimately overwhelmed by rural Republicans. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Even in the few states were Republicans netted a few extra seats, Democrats more than offset them by the maps they drew in states like Illinois and Maryland.

We’re surprised Chapin didn’t break any laws of physics, the way she had to bend and twist so many facts to fit her narrow-minded narrative.  Her final void of logic comes when she claims people like Rep. Michelle Bachman and Rep. Steve King are leaders of House Republicans:

A Republican party that’s run by Rep. Michelle Bachman, Rep. Steve King and Cruz isn’t a national party.

Odd, with the recent reshuffling of Republican leadership, one would figure if King and Bachman we’re so prominent they would have looked to become the next Majority Leader, or at least the Whip.  Then again, even if King and Bachman were leading the House, they’d probably be closer to the middle than Nancy Pelosi ever was.

In the end, Chapin’s article is just the perfect illustration of how much defying of logic the Colorado Left has to do to make its arguments palatable to the average Coloradan.  No wonder Colorado Democratic candidates are screwed this November.

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