BAGGAGE: A Vote For Udall Is A Vote For Harry Reid, WaPo Writes

“If you win, I win.”

The Washington Post has an interesting article today, which shouldn’t bring too much joy to Sen. Mark Udall’s campaign (then again, not much is nowadays).  In the article The WaPo basically states if either Colorado or Iowa goes Republican, Sen. Harry Reid’s reign as the leader of the Senate is essentially over.  Yep, you can add “a vote for Udall is a vote for Harry Reid” to the already-known “a vote for Udall is a vote for Obama.”

Now remember, Republicans thought they had a clear path to the six Senate seats needed for a victory even without these states… it’s hard to see how the Democrats could hold the Senate if they lose either — and surely if they lose both — Iowa and Colorado. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Even if Udall hadn’t spent the last six years doing essentially nothing for Coloradans, he’d still have a hard time winning reelection when all signs point to him being basically a clone of Harry Reid and Obama.  (Maybe clone isn’t the right word… lovechild?)

To boot, the liberal WaPo has also taken notice of how strong of an opponent Udall has in Rep. Cory Gardner:

Colorado Republicans got a high-quality candidate when Garner not only decided to run but cleared out other Republican opposition. He’s been on the offensive — battering Udall on Obamacare and on the Keystone XL Pipeline. [the Peak’s emphasis]

We’re not exactly sure who “Garner” is, but surely the WaPo will learn how to spell GarDner’s name when he goes from being one of 435, to just one of 100.

The fact that Udall and his liberal outside groups have already tossed millions of dollars against Gardner trying to tear him down, and yet, the view from a liberal paper is that Gardner is still on the offensive, has got to be a gut punch to them.  Udall’s already pretty much thrown the kitchen sink at Gardner, and it hasn’t been enough.  With Udall only having blanks left to fire, we are beginning to wonder when the outside money will begin to dry up.  We know liberals love to spend other people’s money, but when it comes to their own, they can be quite stingy; and, a lost cause is a lost cause.

As for Gardner, The WaPo lays out what he needs to do to take this lead through election day:

…both Republicans will need to keep on the offensive, rebut the onslaught of attack ads coming their way and present a responsible, positive set of policies they’d be willing to support. If they do, one or both of them are likely to win (both incumbents are well below 50 percent). And with that will go the Democratic majority. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Say it with us PeakNation™: “and with that will go the Democratic majority.”


LIBERAL PANIC: Dem Poll Finds Gov and Sen Races Statistically Tied

The stuff of Colorado Dems’ nightmares

Time to hit the panic button Colorado Lefties, your beloved liberal-leaning Public Policy Polling just released a new poll that has both the Colorado Gubernatorial and Senatorial races as statistically tied.  At an identical 44%-43% Gov. John Hickenlooper and Sen. Mark Udall are tied with their opponents, former Rep. Bob Beauprez and Rep. Cory Gardner, respectively.

Those week-old daydreams of Pina coladas, and warm breezes, and Marist Polls are completely vanquished now.  Welcome to the days of pain and agony, where you wake up each morning to once again attempt the Sisyphean task of trying to convince middle-of-the-road Colorado electorate your candidates didn’t go off on a drunken, liberal binge their entire past terms.

For those of you specializing in the Hick race, please resist the urge and not punch yourself in the face as Hickenlooper goes off-script yet again to try and explain— unsuccessfully— how he doesn’t want to be the next Michael Bloomberg, who condescendingly tells all Coloradans he knows how they can better live their lives than they do themselves (“You guys should really start with some roads, roads make life a lot easier”).  Please put the sharp objects down as Hickenlooper carelessly tosses you under the bus yet again just so he feels the audience he is talking to at that time loves him just a bit more.  Because, maybe, just maybe, tonight will finally be the night Hickenlooper decides to set the beer down and actually focus on winning a race.

Who are we kidding?  All his most trusted advisers saw the writing on the wall long ago, and have their exit strategies already planned out.

As for you Udallians (Udallites?)… HA!  Your boss voted 99% of the time with a President who is getting just a 39% approval rating by Coloradans in a liberal poll.  Tack on the fact that his legislative record is radioactively toxic (like, seriously, put on a hazmat suit before you go anywhere near it), and that he’d be unable to stake out a moderate Colorado position even if it smacked the hiking boots off of him, he’s pretty much dead man walking at this point.  All we can say is: enjoy the nice weather and be sure to tell all your liberal friends we’re all bat-shit crazy out here once you flee back to your liberal enclaves on either coast when this race is over.

As for us Coloradans who are here because there’s no other place we’d rather be, things are looking up.  On the generic ballot test Republicans are +7.  We lead by no less than eight points on all the other state-wide, down-ticket races (35-27, Wayne Williams over Joe Neguse; 43-33 Walker Stapleton over Betsy Markey; 38-29, Cynthia Coffman over Don Quick).  Perhaps it’s time for Pols to update its “Big Line,” or, at least put its money where its mouth is and actual take bets on their ridiculous odds.  We could use a new massage chair to relax in after the Democratic beat down that is coming this November.  These next few months should be fun.


Peak Feed: Cory Gardner Offers Glimpse at Family History…and Future

Polling has shown that Colorado voters are just learning about U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner, who is running against the most liberal vulnerable Senator up for re-election, Sen. Mark Udall, for a seat in the Senate. This new ad from his campaign team gives Coloradans additional, much-needed background on Gardner.

Just watch:

From the ad:

Cory: My dad and granddad had big shoes to fill. So did I.

All of us in Colorado walk in footsteps of pioneers.

Cory: Now, the footsteps that guide us belong to the next generation.

Cory: Washington burdens them with debt. Mortgages their future.

We need to shake up the United States Senate. Put in a New Generation – one that’s accountable…to the Next Generation.

I’m Cory Gardner. I approved this message.


RED TIDE: Udall Down Four, Down Ticket All Red

Not to be overshadowed by a Quinnipiac poll put out today that shows Rep. Cory Gardner up by two over Sen. Mark Udall (44%-42%), Gravis Marketing released its own poll today showing Gardner up by four over Udall (47%-43%).  As The Washington Free Beacon writes:

Rep. Cory Gardner (R., Colo.) is up by four points against Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Udall due to his strong showing with independent voters, according to a new poll.

Gravis Marketing released results of a survey of 1,106 registered voters in Colorado on Tuesday.

… Gravis attributed Gardner’s lead to his results among independents.

“The difference between why Hickenlooper is ahead and why Udall is underperforming him is because of a 12-point spread in Independent voters,” the marketing company said. “More independents are voting for Gardner (R.) and Hickenlooper (D.) at the moment instead of for Udall (D.) and Hickenlooper (D.).”

It’s really no surprise that independents are running away from Udall as fast as possible.  His extremely liberal record over the past six years has put him out of touch with the average Coloradan.  At a time when President Obama’s numbers are plummeting here in Colorado, Udall can’t hide from the fact he has voted with Obama 99% of the time.

Further encouraging news for Colorado Republicans is that initial polling of the down ticket races has them leading in all of them.  As Gravis wrote about its poll:

The Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Treasurer races were also polled in this survey.  In the Attorney General race Cynthia Coffman (R) leads Don Quick (D) 42%-38% with the Libertarian candidate David Williams taking 9%.  As for the Secretary of State race Wayne Williams (R) leads Joe Neguse (D) 42%-39% with the Libertarian candidate David Schambach taking 7%.  Finally, in the Treasurer race incumbent Treasurer Walker Stapleton (R) leads former Congresswoman Betsy Markey (D) 44%-41% with the Libertarian candidate David Jurist taking 6% of the vote. [the Peak's emphasis]

Rep. Jared Polis’ quixotic quest against all things fracking not only hurt the chances of top ticket races like Udall and Hickenlooper, but could be a determining factor on who wins down ticket races.  Pro-fracking, and pro-business groups will be turning out reliable Republican votes to defeat the initiatives, who will then turn and mark the candidate’s name that has an “R” next to it, on the low name ID races.

While we here at the Peak would be ecstatic to see George Leing pull off a major upset in the safe Democrat district, if Polis is going to continue to sabotage his own party, it might not be the worst thing for him to stick around.



Q-PAC POLL TIED: Udall Spends Half His Cash…for Nothing (Because Gardner Is Really Ahead)

Today’s Quinnipiac poll must be devastating to under siege Sen. Mark Udall.  The top line shows that Udall is statistically tied with Rep. Cory Gardner at 44% and Udall at 42%.  What’s the big deal, you ask?  Udall has already spent $7 million of the $13 million he raised, mostly on negative attacks on Gardner.  The result?  Udall is worse off than he was eight months ago.  This is probably the worst poll of the year for him.

And, this poll comes on the heels of Stu Rothenberg moving the Colorado Senate race from Leans D to Tossup.  This is just more evidence that Republicans can win in November.  But, it’s not just the top line number that should worry Team Udall.

Udall’s unfavorables are the highest they’ve ever been at 43% and have increased a whopping five points since April.  Ouch. Climbing unfavorables usually lead to declining head to head numbers. In other words, the higher the unfavorables go, the lower Udall’s ballot test numbers likely will be.

Here’s another terrible number for Udall.  The question is “do you feel that Mark Udall deserves to be reelected, or do you feel that he does not deserve to be reelected?”  Shot: Overall, the answer was no.  Forty-nine percent of respondents said no and 40% respondents said yes.  Chaser: Among independents, 50% said he does not deserve re-election compared to 38% who said he does.

Even worse, 44% respondents think Gardner would be better at helping the middle class, compared with 39% of those who think Udall would do a better job. On government spending, Gardner wins again.  Of those who responded, 45% think Gardner would do a better job cutting government spending compared to 37% who thought Udall would.

The survey was conducted July 10-14 and included 1,147 registered voters via land lines and cell phones with a margin of error of +/- 2.9%.

Tough break for Udall, but that’s what happens when you’re elected to represent Colorado and you spend six years creating seating arrangements.


CONFIRMED: A Vote For Udall Is A Vote For Obama

“Say it with me O-BA-MA”

A vote for Sen. Mark Udall is essentially a vote for President Obama.  That’s the association Udall was hiding from all week long.  But, that association is hard to hide from when facts everywhere continue to back it up.  It’s long been known and cited that Udall votes with Obama 99% of the time.  Not only is this the worst percentage among vulnerable Senate Democrats, it actually puts him square in the company of the bluest of blue Senators; Senators like California deep blue liberal Barbara Boxer, progressives’ favorite Elizabeth Warren (actually to the left of her 97%), New York liberal Kirsten Gillibrand, and everyone’s favorite curmudgeon Harry Reid.

Now, earlier this week the wonks over at FiveThirtyEight crunched some numbers to rate the Senate candidates of the most competitive races this year.  What should come as no shock to any Coloradan who has been paying attention, Mark Udall was ranked the most liberal.  By looking at a candidate’s votes, their statements, and their donors, FiveThirtyEight could find no more liberal Senator than Udall.  As they write:

Democrat Mark Udall is rated as the most liberal of the candidates running in a competitive Senate race this year. [the Peak’s emphasis]

At the same time, out of ten races, Gardner falls right in the middle of them as the sixth most moderate.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise either, just look at the respective campaigns they have run.  While Udall is off at the beck and call of an eco-extremist, Gardner has been pushing for a commonsense policy on the Keystone XL pipeline which over 60% of Coloradans agree with.  While Udall wants to give more power to Obama to interfere in the daily lives of Coloradans, Gardner has been standing up for Coloradans against Obama.  While Udall is busy writing letters and climbing mountains, Gardner is actually getting legislation passed.

Here’s the bottom line in this race: Udall has refused to stand up to Obama and the disastrous path Obama has taken America on, not just domestically, but internationally as well.  This failure by Udall isn’t because he lacks the will (have you heard, he hikes mountains), rather he lacks the desire.  This is because Udall is just as liberal as Obama if not more so.  If Colorado sends Udall back to Washington, D.C. for another six years, it is a clear endorsement from Coloradans that we approve of what Obama is doing.  Knowing the fierce independent spirit of Coloradans, we know this is clearly not the case.

If there was any doubt where Udall stands on Obama, these really sweet words should clear it all up:


CRUSHING IT: Gardner Releases Q2 Fundraising

Welp, it’s safe to say that Sen. Mark Udall is officially having the worst week in Washington. First, Udall spends the day wallowing in a PR nightmare of his own making for missing a joint fundraising event with President Obama.  

And now, Udall gets slammed with the news that his GOP opponent Cory Gardner raised $2.71 million in the second quarter of this year and has more than $3.4 million cash on hand.  Udall won’t even respond to reporter requests for his Q2 numbers, saying they’ll be out next week. 

Dave Catanese, a reporter with U.S. News and World Report, described Gardner’s fundraising news best with this tweet:




PeakFeed: Gardner Nails Udall on His Obama Liability

Yesterday must have been a bad day for liberal Sen. Mark Udall, who is running faster than Prefontaine from his association with failed President Barack Obama. First, Udall refused to appear at Obama’s public speech in Cheesman Park, and then, Udall canceled plans to attend his own fundraiser that Obama was headlining.  Well, today is not getting much better for the embattled Senator with his opponent’s release of a new ad called “Liability”.

The ad features the so-bad-it’s-memorable February 2014 interview between Udall and CNN‘s Dana Bash, who asked Udall three times whether he would campaign with President Obama.  Each time, Udall sidesteps the question, saying that it will depend on schedule.  The Gardner campaign overlaid Udall’s inconsistencies and ties to Obama as he’s trying to side step the truth.  This one hurts, doesn’t it, Senator?

Take a gander:



DEAD HEAT: Rasmussen Poll Shows Udall and Gardner Neck and Neck

As the 2014 campaign moves forward following last week’s primaries, the U.S. Senate race between Republican Rep. Cory Gardner and liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall is still highly competitive.  According to a Rasmussen survey of likely Colorado voters released yesterday, 43% of voters would vote for Udall an 42% would vote for Gardner.  That’s well within the +/- 4 percent margin of error.

The telephone survey of 750 likely voters conducted June 25-26, 2014 also showed that 6% of voters prefer another candidate and 9% are undecided.

As an incumbent, this has to be troubling for Sen. Udall.  Not only have Coloradans had five years to get to know him as a Senator, but he also spent years as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and in the Colorado legislature.  In addition, Udall and his supporters (see: Planned Parenthood) have spent a lot of money trying to strong-arm women into falsely thinking that Gardner is anti-woman.  And, Udall’s numbers haven’t budged since the March Rasmussen poll release.

Then again, perhaps Coloradans are wising up to Udall’s do-nothing style of representation.  If 42-43% is Udall’s ceiling as an incumbent, Election Day is going to be a sad, sad day for our fair Senator.



MOVIN’ ON UP: This Is One Ranking Udall Won’t Tout

The National Review reported on The Hotline‘s “most vulnerable Senators”, and it’s not pretty for Sen. Udall.  He’s now the 9th most vulnerable Senator on the list.  Last time, he was 11th.  We doubt he’ll send an email on this ranking.  While the article noted that some threatened Democratic incumbents have “stabilized” since winter, Udall’s situation has worsened. Here’s what the article said about Udall:

“Can Mark Udall make Colorado voters think Cory Gardner is just another Ken Buck? He’s already trying, releasing a blistering TV ad this month depicting the Republican congressman as an antiabortion extremist. Whether he’s successful remains to be seen: Gardner has fought back aggressively, renouncing some of his past support for personhood legislation and writing a sly op-ed in the Denver Post calling for the birth-control pill to be available without a prescription. It’s early, but the fierce fighting in June speaks to the race’s competitiveness. One sleeper issue to watch: A proposed ban on fracking in Colorado would leave the environmentalist-friendly Udall in a tight spot, forced to choose between his vocal liberal base and the state’s majority of moderate voters.”

Unfortunately for Udall, his only hope is to try to recycle tired old liberal talking points about women.  And, from our anecdotal research among our female Democratic ladies, it’s not a talking point that’s resonating.  Good luck with that.

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