This site will not be taking sides in the 2012 Presidential primary.

But since New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has repeatedly and innovatively (threatening suicide?) denied rumors he will run, we feel comfortable promoting one of America’s greatest governors. We wanted to point out two do-not-miss Chris Christie links: his AEI speech and a Sunday New York Times Magazine profile by Matt Bai.

We predict the AEI speech will go down as Christie’s version of Reagan’s “A Time for Choosing” speech that helped launch Reagan’s national aspirations. Christie takes on the hard issues, with an ability to not just convince conservatives of his cause, but writers from the New York Times and budget geeks of all political persuasions. In a state with one of the most obstinate and politically connected teachers’ union, Christie has taken them on, coming out victorious in nearly every battle.

Christie has had resounding success in a difficult state for a Republican Governor.  We hope his achievments will give other Governors (Hickenlooper) the courage to stand strong on tough budget decisions and resist the clamoring to increase taxes coming from some of our friends on the other side of the aisle who failed Economics 090 at community college.