President Obama saw a limited, but real bounce from the killing of bin Laden. The Washington Post poll out this morning has him up nine from their poll in April, and 10 among independents. We predicted a 10 point bounce.

Also, as we said, he'd see a big bounce in his foreign policy approval numbers:

The president gets big bounces on dealing with Afghanistan, with his approval rating soaring to 60 percent, and on handling the threat of terrorism, where he recorded a career high of 69 percent.

Washington Post uses the same comparison we did — his bounce to Bush's bounce after the capture of Saddam.

For the president, the nine-point increase in his overall approval rating is on par with the six-point increase in Bush’s numbers in the weeks following the capture of Saddam Hussein in Iraq in December 2003. Then, as now, political independents moved the most.

Ultimately, though, Obama's trouble on the economy will limit the duration of his bounce, and his numbers will most likely go back down after the euphoria of the victory wears off.  

The fact that there was no movement in Obama’s approval on the economy — still the top issue by far in the country — offers a reminder of the challenges that remain for the White House. Obama’s 40 percent approval on the economy in this one-night poll is the lowest of his presidency in Washington Post polls, though it has been numerically lower in Pew surveys.

The daily Rasmussen Presidential Tracking Poll shows no immediate bounce for Obama, but don't believe it. He's got a bounce, it just isn't going to last forever with a bad economy.