We continue to be horrified by the deafening silence from Colorado's political class…that is all of you, on both sides of the aisle…over the tragic tale of state Senator Suzanne Williams' vehicular homicide about 1 year ago. This may be the biggest ignored story in Colorado politics in the last year. We truly can’t believe that no elected official has lifted a finger over this. It is a sad and terrible tragedy that is entirely lacking justice.  

In Texas last year, Senator Williams was driving with her family, either heavily fatigued or distracted, according to the Texas Highway Patrol report (PDF), and lost control of her vehicle, swerving into oncoming traffic and killing the pregnant driver of another vehicle. In the haunting 911 tapes obtained by Complete Colorado, you can hear the children of the deceased driver calling out for their mother after the accident.

The car accident caused Senator Williams' grandchildren, who were not in the necessary restraints, to be tossed from the car. Before police arrived on the scene, Senator Williams picked up her grandchildren and put them back in their car seats, thereby tampering with crime scene evidence. She then lied to investigators when they asked if anyone had been ejected from the car.

In its report the Texas Highway Patrol recommended charges of "Criminally Negligent Homicide for the death of Brianna Gomez, Injury to a Child (x4) for injuries sustained in the crash on Mali Gomez, Eleri Gomez, Tyler Williams and Tristan Williams and Tampering with Physical Evidence."

The Grand Jury decided not to indict Senator Williams, which left the father of the deceased driver upset. He told the Amarillo Globe News at the time:

It's a shame (the DPS) went through that amount of investigation for the district attorney not to do anything," White said. "I don't like the idea she gets off scot-free. She's got to live with it the rest of her life."

Now, for the latest outrage.

The Associated Press reported last Friday that the only punishment Senator Williams will face is paying a measly $200 fine for driving on the wrong side of the road. Originally, Senator Williams pled not guilty to the traffic violation, but later changed to a guilty plea.

The AP also reported that Williams' insurance company has been fighting the victims' family's insurance company over payment, but the victim's father told the AP that he hoped Williams' guilty plea to the traffic violation would help resolve that impasse.

This has been a truly horrifying and sickening story.

We continue to believe that the Senate should empanel a committee to review Williams' fitness to serve.  

Attention Colorado media: Is there any doubt that you would have hung any Republican official from the highest post had it had been one of them who committed the offense?  

This whole episode is a miserable tragedy.    

The first tragedy is the loss of life.  

The second tragedy is the lack of justice served as punishment to a reckless state Senator from Aurora. She has evaded justice in the criminal justice system in Texas, and in the political process in Colorado as well.

While the rest of the political class ignores this story, we believe someone needs to report and comment on it.