Chairman of the Reapportionment Commission, and "wolf in sheep's clothing," Mario Carrera, has responded publicly after being slammed for his unethical leadership atop the Commission by state House Speaker Frank McNulty and the Denver Post editorial board. Carrera responded via public letter to McNulty claiming that despite emails to the contrary, Carrera fairly arbitrated the process and that Republicans were given the same treatment as Democrats. 

Obviously, readers of this site know, that couldn't be further from the truth.

In fact, an email sent by Carrera himself to the staff director, Jerry Barry, makes clear that Carrera violated the rules he himself set forth.

From: Mario Carrera
To: Jerry Barry
Date: 11/16/2011 10:58 AM
Subject: Additional meeting

Jerry – In terms of process, please clarify with the Commission that on 11/28, we will review the submitted Maps from the 23rd submission and ONLY at that that time entertain any additional amendments for consideration and final vote on the 30th. The meeting on the 30th will only be to vote on the Final Maps and NO amendments will be entertained at that time.

Carrera says that the 11/28 meeting will be to review maps submitted on the 23rd, implying that Carrera would not accept maps created after that, which of course he did for the Democrats. It also says that amendments would be considered on 11/28, yet he voted with the Commission's Democrats to block any amendments on 11/28.

After a four-day firestorm, only now is Carrera making the (false) argument that he was a fair and non-partisan arbitrator. It is as if he spent the last few days going through all the emails in hopes of finding some shred of data that he could misconstrue in self-defense.

The truth is, not since Wellington Webb made his standard allegation of racism earlier in the reapportionment process has another member of the Reapportionment Commission looked so small.

Mario Carrera isn't super. He is a prevaricator, a revisionist and his contrived arguments come about 96 hours late.