Everyone knows how much Democrats love to raise taxes to pay for their pet projects, and Linda Newell is no exception.  But, what voters might not know is that she hikes everyone else’s taxes, but doesn’t bother to pay her own.  It seems a little unfair, doesn’t it?

A loyal Peak reader sent us this mailer he received highlighting Linda Newell’s failure to pay $30,000 in taxes.  In fact, she was so late in paying her taxes that the Internal Revenue Service issued a lien against her for $29,235, as did the State of California’s Department of Revenue in the amount of $1,140.  The actual tax lien shows that the Newells didn’t pay income taxes from 1987 through 1994.

Here is a copy of the tax lien:

The fact that she has one of the worst records on taxation in the state legislature makes this offense even worse.  The Colorado Union of Taxpayers rated her tied for last place for her voting record of voting against taxpayers’ interests (read: raising taxes or voting against tax decreases).  In fact, her record of voting against taxpayers places her in lockstep with the far left of the Democratic party like Sens. Lucia Guzman, Evie Hudak, Michael Johnson, John Morse, Brandon Shafted Shaffer, and Suzanne Williams.

To offer perspective on how Newell has been unfriendly to taxpayers, here are just a few of the bills and concepts she’s supported that have hurt (or, would have) Colorado’s taxpayers:

  • Not supporting the concept of tying the growth in government to inflation
  • Raising the Gas Tax
  • Amazon Tax, a tax on internet sales that resulted in the closure of thousands of businesses
  • Proposition 103, a 2011 ballot measure that would have been a $3 billion tax increase to Colorado’s families.  ICYMI: the initiative went down in flames.  See her statement below:

Perhaps voters should consider Newell’s murky history with paying taxes before offering her another opportunity to raise theirs.  Just add this to the list of tax hikers who don’t, themselves, pay taxes.  Earlier this summer, the IRS filed a tax lien on the Boulder home of attorney Herb Fenster, who is suing the State of Colorado to weaken TABOR, according to the Denver Post.