The Colorado State House District 55 incumbent, Ray Scott, has been hard at work for the past several months campaigning for a second term. In retrospect however, one might say his opponent, Democrat lawyer Dan Robinson of Grand Junction, has been the best thing going for the Ray Scott campaign.

Robinson, a seasoned candidate and entrenched Liberal who previously ran for county commissioner in Mesa County, may have bitten off more than he could chew when he became the Democrat candidate for Colorado D55.  His problems began when a document from the 21st Judicial District chapter of Access to Justice surfaced revealing his penchant for performing pro-bono legal favors for undocumented aliens.  Robinson magnified what would have been a minor controversy when, during his debate with Representative Ray Scott at Club 20 in September, he denied ever doing pro-bono work for illegals.

Fast forward to the 2nd Amendment Forum on October 13. Dan Robinson’s problems really began to pile up when he lied yet again. When asked about the amount in campaign contributions he had received from the Democrat Party in Mesa County, Robinson claimed he had received none. The Secretary of State’s office “tracer” website, which reports campaign funding across the state, revealed that the Democrats in Mesa County had actually donated $6,100 to Robinson by the date of that forum.

Just thirteen days out from the election, Dan Robinson and the Democrats in Mesa County sent out an email pleading for help. Robinson’s floundering campaign, it appears, is capsizing. The email reads:

There has been a snafu at the Post Office which has resulted in Dan Robinson’s campaign mailbox being closed prematurely.  For that reason, some folks who may have contributed to Dan’s run for Colorado State Representative from District 55 may see their checks returned.

Additionally, Dan is sitting on a couple of excellently produced television commercials and radio spots — but unless he can raise more money, they may never see the light of day.  It is crucial for us to get Dan’s voice out there in these last days of the election.  Please consider donating to Dan’s campaign today!

The email goes on to characterize the closing of Robinson’s campaign mailbox as a “kerfluffle.” One may speculate that the mailbox was gathering dust and the Post Office needed the space, or that maintaining the mailbox was costing more money than the campaign was bringing in. Either way, neither Robinson’s experience in his previous campaign nor his career in litigation served to help him overcome the chronic incompetence that has plagued his fight for a seat in the State House.

Voters in Mesa County are probably waiting with bated breath to see those “excellently produced television and radio spots” that the MCD email claimed Dan Robinson is “sitting on.” It might be wise, however, for Robinson to keep sitting on them, right where they are. Chances are, he won’t be sitting in the State Capitol anytime soon.