Cliff Willmeng, Boulder County Fractivist

If you missed it over Thanksgiving, Secretary of State Scott Gessler unloaded on the hapless (or is it corrupt?) vote counters in Broomfield. After some serious election night shenanigans, an initiative to ban fracking pushed by this guy went from defeated to approved.

Last week, Broomfield was forced to fess up to actually disenfranchising voters. Oops.

That is where the Honey Badger entered the dojo.

From the Broomfield Enterprise

A five-year ban on fracking in Broomfield has become the eye of a storm that formed at the conflux of changes in state voter registration rules, scrutiny of processes used to determine voter eligibility and disputes over the role of election watchers.

The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office released a report Wednesday criticizing Broomfield’s election process, citing issues such as “illegally and improperly updating voters’ residential addresses; illegally issuing ballots from drop-off locations away from the clerk’s office; improperly counting ballots cast by ineligible electors; and improperly rejecting ballots cast by eligible electors.”

The report states that votes have already been certified, but “though the certification is complete, the secretary of state believes the people of Broomfield deserve an accurate accounting of the conduct of the election.”