Democrats’ war on rural Colorado is nothing more than a smash-and-grab job for their “green energy” cronies already fattened-up by government subsidies.

How else can we interpret what The Colorado Observer reported –  that under the rural renewable energy mandate passed last year hydroelectric power is not considered a source of renewable energy?  While we strongly disagree and think it is an unfair dictate for Denver Democrats to jack-up the prices on rural Coloradans’ electricity rates, we know that the enviro masses think they are doing the right thing by crusading for clean energy.  But, legislators….

With this new revelation, in which water and hydropower have been grouped with oil, gas, and coal, we can only see this bill as a way for Democrats to fatten-up their environmentalist cronies off the backs of hard-working, rural Coloradans.

As Valerie Richardson writes:

Democrats rejected a Republican-sponsored bill last week to add all hydropower to the state’s renewable-energy standard, which includes Senate Bill 252, the 2013 law requiring rural power providers to meet a 20 percent green-energy threshold by 2020.

State Rep. Lori Saine (R-Firestone) said the defeat shows “that last year’s disastrous SB 252 is about preferred energy, not responsible energy.”

… The 8-4 party-line vote… came after advocates of wind and solar power testified against the bill, saying their industries would struggle if they had to compete with hydropower, which already supplies 23 percent of the electricity to rural coops. [the Peak emphasis]

Cronyism at its worst.  Let us be clear – if legislators really cared about the environment, hydroelectricity would be included in renewable energy.

The fat-cat enviros’ last defense of creating jobs smacks of using spoons over shovels.  If they wanted to create jobs at rural Colorado’s expense, why the need to dress it up in green energy?  Now, every word a Democrat uttered defending this bill under the guise of  slowing global warming rings hollow, and their cries of fighting for the environment smack of disingenuous doublespeak as all they cared about was taking money from rural Colorado to stuff in the pockets of windbags and the sun-stroked.