PeakNation™, remember Sen. Mark Udall told us to judge him by his actions not his bullshit, um, words:

Udall said. “I’m much more inclined to look at what people do, as opposed to what they say.” [the Peak emphasis]

After severely distorting his opponent’s, Rep. Cory Gardner, record (but we guess when you’re political ship is sinking faster than Obama’s foreign policy, you do anything you can to bail yourself out) in not just his first campaign ad, but his second as well, Udall finally tries to go positive in his third.  His problem?  It runs completely contradictory to his record in the Senate over the past six years.

Wow! Really?! Really?!  Udall is going to try to play that card?  Don’t get us wrong, he nails what makes us Coloradans tick; it’s just hard to reckon that sentiment with how he has voted over the past six years.  Here’s what his words say:

“What makes us Coloradans is an understanding, an expectation that each of us has the freedom to make our own choices*, to live life on our own term, that you have the right^ to be an individual… no one, not government**, not Washington, no one should ever have the power to take those rights and freedoms away^^”

(*except if I disagree with you. ^until me and Obama take it away.  **but Obama isn’t government, he’s a benevolent deity, so he has the power.  ^^except me.)

But his actions say I’m absurdly hypocritical.

Did we have the freedom of choice to keep our health care plan?  Did we have the freedom of choice to keep our doctor?  Not only didn’t we have those freedoms, but could Udall vote again, he’d still vote to take those choices away from us.

Do we have the freedom of choice to enjoy cheap energy from coal plants?  Do we have the freedom of choice not to have our energy sources dictated to us by Barack Obama?  Hell, with Udall, we don’t even have the right to have our voice heard as one San Fransico eco-extremist (Tom Steyer) has more say with Colorado’s Senator than 66% of us.

You can’t run as a true Coloradan if you haven’t been acting like one in DC for the past six years.