MorganCarroll smallLiberal State Sen. Morgan Carroll now officially has thrown her hat into the ring for the chance to run against the unstoppable U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman in the Sixth Congressional District. Since she didn’t give us the exclusive (we’re hurt, truly), we thought it would be fun to revisit some of our favorite moments with Carroll over the past few years. Without further ado, here goes.

  • Remember when Senate President Carroll lost the majority in 2014 and had to rescind her tiara to Sen. Senate President Cadman?  The best part is that she canceled all of her events for the month following. Aw, looks like someone had a case of the pouts.
  • We thought it was hilarious when she was caught napping on the job. (Although, we get it – legislation can be a major snooze fest.)
  • For someone running in a district full of minorities, her flip flopping on in-state tuition for children of illegal immigrants (the ASSET bill) should play well. Actually, that’s sarcasm, that could be a big problem for her.
  • We love her creative storytelling.  Remember when she misconstrued that fossil fuel subsidies were greater than renewables?  Or what about when she just flat out lied about the soda tax?  Those were some good times, Sen. Carroll.
  • Here’s one of our favorites – when she proudly claimed to be part of the D-Team. We suppose she meant Democratic Team, but the truth is that we’d rather see our legislators be a part of the A-Team.
  • Who could forget the thousand (rough estimate) times that Carroll refused to recuse herself from votes that would have benefited her employers and donors, the trial lawyers?
  • Most Coloradans want a mature and strong leader.  That’s why Sen. Carroll’s immature and snarky email ripping on various pieces of legislation in 2015 was so puzzling. It was more the Peak style than Presidential, and just plain embarrassing for her caucus.
  • Remember when Carroll claimed the economy was her top priority in 2014 after spending months shoving through countless pieces of job-killing legislation? We thought that was funny, too.
  • Everyone remembers the 2013 gun grab that she helped orchestrate, but one of the lesser-known elements of the gun grab was that Carroll and her Democratic friends actually cribbed language from New York for the legislation.  You know, because Colorado has so much in common with New York.
  • After supporting tax hike after tax hike, Carroll was named to the new dirty dozen – 12 legislators who allowed the Dirty Dozen Taxes to pass, crippling the middle class.  As a self-proclaimed champion of the middle class, it was gratifying to expose her hypocrisy.

We wish Sen. Carroll the best of luck in her attempt to unseat Rep. Mike Coffman.  She’ll need it.