Farewell for now!

Farewell for now!

The Grand Dame of Political Gossip, Lynn Bartels, announced last week that she planned to leave her post at the Denver Post to work as Secretary of State Wayne Williams’ flack. Her announcement and pending departure leave a gaping hole in Colorado political reporting. While we haven’t always agreed with Bartels, she has more institutional knowledge than almost any reporter we know, which is probably due to her 35-year career in journalism.

But, it’s not just Bartels’ long knowledge that makes her a great reporter.  As fellow journalist and former Denver Post colleague Sara Burnett noted on Bartels’ Facebook page:

“Thanks for never tolerating me being lazy, for the no-bullshit advice/direction/commands, for showing me it was possible to be both tough and fair and friendly….”

In Bartels’ honor, we have outlined below some of our favorite Bartels’ characteristics and moments. This list is not exhaustive, but simply a snapshot of who she is. Williams is fortunate to have her on board.

We will miss Lynn Bartels and her hall monitoring ways. Not only was she a fair reporter, but there’s nobody we’d rather debate than her. Best of luck to the Secretary of State. Oh, and Lynn Bartels.