GOP-logoColorado livers can rejoice and let the drinking games begin!

Numerous Republicans who were participating in next week’s debate until they threatened to boycott the debate are now participating in said debate once more.

Confusing? So was the debate format.

But the GOP led by The Donald emerged victorious from a spat with CNBC in which the business news cable network tried to extend the debate to three hours and cut opening and closing statements.

Trump said no way, Ben Carson begged to differ, and a spokesman for Rand Paul literally told CNBC to “go f— themselves.”

In the new agreement, CNBC has concurred in limiting the event to two hours and will allow each candidate the opportunity to offer opening and closing statements. Sort of.

Each candidate now gets to answer a single open-ended question at the beginning of the debate, as well as 30 seconds for a closing statement, reports Channel 4.

As a debate connoisseur, we find this hilarious – an opening statement is now referred to as an “open-ended question” that essentially allows the candidate to sort of wander into whatever statement they intended to make in the first place.

Wasn’t that the entire format of the Democrat’s debate last week?