Emerge Colorado, a self-described liberal outfit that helps liberal women get elected to office, last week published a list of women that Governor John Hickenlooper should consider as a replacement for departing Lt. Governor Joe Garcia. We’ll get to this list in a moment; however, first, let’s laugh about the photo that the Colorado Not At All Independent used to accompany its post on these 101 women. The two most-visible women in this photo are recalled state Sen. Angela Giron and quit-before-she’s-recalled state Sen. Evie Hudak. See below.

Hudak Giron Emerge

Seriously, there was no other photo that could have been used?

But, on to the list.

Certainly, there are some well-qualified women on this list, women worthy of consideration, and the point that Emerge is trying to make is well taken. Politics could probably use more women on both sides of the aisle. But, then, there are other women on this list. Some are straight up unqualified, some are controversial. It’s those women who would not advance the cause of women in politics. Here are a few of the names that fall into that latter bucket:

  • Sen. Irene Aguilar – While Sen. Aguilar is well liked, she’s also pushing a $25 billion tax increase on Coloradans in the name of government-run health care. Holy Hell, lady, haven’t you read the news about Obamacare? It’s unlikely Hick will want to attach his name to that initiative by selecting Aguilar as Lt. Gov.
  • Lesley Dahlkemper – She made a fool of herself huffing and puffing on the Jeffco School Board in defense of the teachers union, but beyond that, her business deals are less than transparent. With all the Governor’s personal lady troubles, we would imagine she would be too much for his delicate sensibilities. That’s our polite way of saying that she’s a vindictive bully.
  • Maggie Fox – In case you don’t remember, this is Mark Udall’s wife. With Hickenlooper’s ambitions, it’s probably a bad idea to appoint the wife of the most high-profile loss of 2014 to the spot. Then again, her BFFs, the environmentalists, would probably be overjoyed.
  • Kim Jordan – Jordan is the founder of New Belgium Brewery, the brewer we love to hate because, during the recession, Jordan told the Wall Street Journal that she only hires Democrats. Since then, Jordan has donated boatloads of resources to Democratic causes. One of her more infamous stunts was convincing mom and pop brewers that fracking was contaminating their brewing water (it’s not). We hardly think that Hick, formerly a brewer himself, would be open to appointing the woman who tried to turn his profession against him. But, since we love to hate her, please someone appoint her to something.
  • Betsy Markey – Oh, poor Betsy is always looking for her next government gig. Since being tossed from the Fourth Congressional District after claiming that Obamacare would be a tax savings, she ran for Treasurer. That’s where Colorado learned that she does not know what a yield curve is.  Whoops. Probably not a great choice.
  • Gwen Lachelt – Please appoint her. Please? Lachelt was the oil and gas task force co-chair who we discovered was a complete nut job fractivist. Not only would she not be qualified, but her rabid anti-oil and gas stance is anathema to the Governor’s position (and, frankly, to Colorado’s families).
  • Mouthy Buffy McFadyen – This Pueblo County Commissioner found herself in, um, hot water after visiting a nudist colony/hot springs resort with a man who is not her husband. Fortunately, despite sitting in a car intoxicated, she got a ride home instead of a DUI. Of course, this inspired cries of special treatment.
  • Marguerite Salazar – Emerge Colorado can’t be serious. The same woman who tried to cover up insurance cancellations to benefit Mark Udall’s campaign?  Really???
  • Pat Schroeder – Wait, is she still alive? No…really.
  • Roxane White – If they couldn’t make it work as Chief of Staff to Governor, what makes Emerge think it would work as Lt. Governor?

There are probably many qualified Democratic women on that list from which to choose, but suggesting and, then, selecting a woman who wouldn’t represent elected women in a positive way does womankind no favors. Instead of delivering a gimmicky 101 Women list, Emerge Colorado might have considered submitting 15 to 20 really solid and qualified women from which the Governor could pick.