colorado-state-capitolProgressNow Colorado and NARAL are hosting a press conference to point fingers at Republicans who disagree with them in order to advance their pro-abortion political agenda. As we said yesterday, now is a time to comfort victims and their families, not score political points. Plus, other than crazy, the shooter’s motivation has not yet been confirmed.

But, that won’t stop Democrats from seriously over-playing their hands to advance the political agenda of one of their major donors – Planned Parenthood. The political outfit has given nearly $6 million to various candidate and issue campaigns (that we know of) in Colorado.

But, this isn’t the first time that Democrats have used political tragedy to advance their political agenda. Here are seven other examples of times when Democrats exploited victims or their tragedies.

  • Jessica Ridgeway – Little Jessica Ridgeway was brutally murdered and the Jefferson County community mourned. That must be why Democrats thought it would be a great idea to use her murder in a political ad against a political opponent. To the best of our knowledge, we’re still waiting for Tracy Kraft-Tharp to denounce the disgusting attack.
  • Flood Victims – Former U.S. Sen. Mark Udall rewrote history to politicize the united, bipartisan response to the flood recovery. It didn’t work.
  • Boston Marathon Bombing – ProgressNow Colorado’s political director, shortly after the Boston Marathon Bombings, incorporated the tragedy into his tweets about being proud to pay for government services by saying that he was proud to pay for first responders. Gross.
  • 9/11 – In 2012, Laura Chapin, who also is helping with the Colorado Springs effort, on 9/11 thanked President Obama for killing Osama Bin Laden as Obama was again running for President. Of course, Chapin forgot that it wasn’t actually the President who killed the world’s most hated man, but soldiers who put their lives on the line in service to their country. Not Obama. And, let’s entirely forget the actual victims of this act of terrorism.
  • Aurora Theater Shooting, Part I – After this horrific act of violence, Rep. Ed Perlmutter used the tragedy to call for stricter gun control. Of course, Colorado implemented stricter gun control and, yet, this act of violence was still able to happen. But, that’s not what the law said would happen. We’re confused.
  • Aurora Theater Shooting Verdict – When the jury found that the Aurora Theater Shooter was guilty, but would not receive the death penalty, the left wasted no time in using what was a difficult day for victims and their families to denigrate District Attorney George Brauchler. For the love of God, give the victims some space to grieve the verdict.
  • Aurora Theater Shooting, Part II – Perlmutter was back for another faux pas when he tried to use the Aurora Shooting as an example of how Obamacare helps with pre-existing conditions. Not only was his information inaccurate, but it was just wrong.

This behavior is disgusting – and Coloradans would be wise to reject the left’s predatory actions. It’s not disagreement over policy issues that causes madmen to commit acts of violence. It’s an incomprehensible evil that festers inside. Any attempts to blame anyone other than the perpetrator lets him off the hook and absolves him from responsibility. We said it yesterday, we’ll say it again. That’s just wrong.

Please keep those injured and killed, as well as their families in your prayers today.