Knock it off.

Knock it off.

Leftist provocateurs are trying their best to commandeer angry Republicans who are upset over the outcome of Colorado’s convention, ginning up tweets from a fake Steve House Twitter account, feigning outrage on other social media, and generally making a dangerous pest of themselves.

We would like to remind those liberals of their favorite slogan, “words matter,” and ask them to calm down the rhetoric before it provokes someone to take violent action.

State GOP Chairman House has already reported numerous threats, even death threats against him and his family, over the Colorado political process.

Politics, people are threatening to kill an entire innocent family because they don’t like the freaking rules of a political process.

That’s some deranged thinking right there.

Folks are threatening to protest in front of GOP headquarters and at House’s private residence.

And Democrats aren’t alone in stoking the fires, there are some GOP talk radio hosts and national TV talking heads who have also taken aim at a political process they admit they don’t understand, but blast us anyway because their favored candidate did not win.

That Tweet that came from the GOP party’s account? That needs to be explained ASAP, because there is simply no excuse for it, and it’s only fueled the national fiery outrage. Someone’s job should be on the line for that.

Most importantly, Republicans across the nation need to take a breath, knock off the threats if in fact it’s Republicans actually doing it, and focus on uniting our party to defeat the Democratic nominee. Leave the nasty threats to the Democrats, it’s what they do best.