In what can only be called the ultimate trolling, Phelim McAleer, director of Fracknation, is again poking his left-wing counterpart, Josh Fox, director of Gasland, a documentary that relied on falsehoods and misrepresentations to smear the oil and gas industry, especially here in Colorado.

Fox became incensed at Trump’s bombing of ISIS and tweeted a storm about how bombing isn’t the answer to peace, only love is. McAleer decided to “help” Fox attain his quest for peace through love by raising funds to send Fox to Afghanistan to hug ISIS – and surpassed his goal of $2,500.

If Fox will not agree to go to Afghanistan, McAleer will donate the funds to the Wounded Warrior Project – win-win either way.  But, in the meantime, we are enjoying the mental picture of Fox hugging radical terrorists. We suspect that they would not hug back.

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