Earlier this week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) sent out an email critiquing U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman for his vote for the repeal and replace plan. There is really no alternate reading of the DCCC email. See picture to the right.

But, the DCCC only wishes that Coffman voted for the AHCA. Unfortunately, for the DCCC comms team, Coffman actually voted against it. That’s when this got weird. Fox31’s Joe St. George and Colorado Politics‘ Dan Njegomir called out the DCCC for its obvious mistake. And, instead of owning her bullsh!t, she doubled down on it, sending Njegomir a novella about why she hates Coffman – most because she’s paid to and she knows he is about to kick her candidate’s a$$ in the next election. OK, so we took some creative liberties here. But, here was the best line of the whole email from Rachel Irwin:

“One vote does not get him off the hook for six years of heartless votes and failed leadership.”

To that we say, and one lengthy email does not get her off the hook for her obvious and sloppy mistake. Wishing Coffman was an easy target does not make it so, as Joe Miklosi, Andrew Romanoff, and Morgan Carroll all have discovered.