When unions attack

We all know that hiking the minimum wage, like voters did last year, doesn’t actually result in higher paying jobs, but in unemployment.  This is an entirely predictable situation, but a new study by the University of Colorado found that low-wage workers were forced to work in other states (that didn’t raise the minimum wage), which, according to Colorado Politics, suggests that “wage-hiking initiatives cause employers to either cut payroll or look for alternatives.”

Remember PeakNation™, we predicted this over and over again.

But let’s be real. A minimum wage job isn’t meant to be a career. It’s meant to be a stepping stone. People who work for minimum wage should use the job as a way to gain meaningful skills and move on.

But again remember, the minimum wage hike wasn’t meant to benefit minimum wage workers. It was meant to benefit unions, some of which index pay scale to mini mum wage. So, if the minimum wage is increased 20%, that means that unions’ members’ pay increases.

So, next time you’re unemployed or know someone who just lost a low-paying job, remember to thank a labor union.