In case you thought Democrats were the party of tolerance, we are here to relieve you of that misconception. On Sunday, the Denver GOP walked in the Gay Pride Parade and handed out literature to parade attendees. Sadly, in Cheesman Park, the group was definitely verbally assaulted, potentially physically assaulted, by liberal activists in black masks. Watch the video below – warning, the language may offend your delicate sensibilities, PeakNation.

No clue what she’s saying, but her aggressive actions pretty much say it all. Good thing Republicans actually respect the First Amendment. Here’s what Denver GOP Chairman Jake Viano had to say about the attack, according to Facebook:

“I am deeply saddened by the events that happened this morning at Denver’s pride parade. I would really like to see the American people come together to work in conjunction with all to move this country forward. Republicans and Democrats equally love their country they just have different ideologies. It’s worrisome to see the divisive polarization that is happening in our great country.”

To the best of our knowledge, nobody from the left has condemned the attack. This was a disgusting attempt to intimidate and silence a political party that was peacefully participating in a parade. The fact that neither parade organizers, nor leadership within the LGBTQ community has condemned the attack is disgusting. It’s this willful ignorance about the hate the left spews by its members that provides clearance for the left to attack Republicans.

The left, the event organizers, and the LGBT community that is standing by in silence should be ashamed of itself. If anyone affiliated with the parade or on the left wants to condemn this ugliness, we gladly will update our story.