Photo credit: Chris 4 DCSD Facebook page

A simple Google search for Douglas County School Board candidate Christina Ciancio Schor, part of the “Dream Team” slate, reveals that she was caught up in (and potential beneficiary of) a nepotism scandal in Adams County in 2012 as an employee of the Mapleton School District. From a Denver Post investigation of Schor’s sister, Charlotte Ciancio, at the time:

“According to district records, three of Ciancio’s relatives also gained employment with the district in three years.

“Her sister, Christina Schor, was hired as a school principal last year and gets a $108,018 salary. Her son, Charles Scarpella, was hired in 2008 and earns $45,218. Her daughter, Janna Scarpella, was hired in 2009 and earns $37,775.”

Why on earth does someone who is accused of nepotism think they should be elected to school board? Schor has a lot of gall running to oversee a school district when it was alleged she couldn’t stay on the straight and narrow with her previous job. Of course, all of this is even before voters consider that she’s in leadership at a completely different district (hello conflict!) – and that district consistently underperforms.

In a separate article, the Adams County blog, Tony’s Rants, outlined what he calls the Adams Family of crooked behavior. In this piece, Tony has a piece of advice for voters in Adams County:

“Residents need to remember names like Nichol, Ciancio, Molinaro and Frank.  They pop up frequently in Adams County politics and government and never in a good light.  If you see someone on a ballot carrying those surnames, do not check that box.”

Douglas County voters take heed.