It’s hard not to laugh at a Hillary Clinton event called “Hillary Clinton Live” when her campaign was so uninspiring and so plagued by questions about her health. But that’s ok, Hillary has never let irony or hypocrisy stand in the way of making a buck. The event is in mid-November and Hillary is coming back to the Bellco Theater, which seats 5,000, just a tad smaller than the 1stBank Center, scene of her last failed attempt to shove a book down Coloradans’ throats.

And, look, there’s a special code to pre-sell these tickets to the public. Those special few who got this super special offer must be really targeted and special, right? Not really. We got it. We’re obviously not fans.

Someone give her cash…to just go away.

Here’s the agenda for the event (besides you forking over cash):

“She’ll take you with her on her journey and talk about What Happened, what’s next, and what’s on your mind. What you’ll see will be her story – Live. Her story of resilience, how to get back up after a loss, and how we can all look ahead. It’s about Hillary’s experience as a woman in politics — she lets loose on this topic, and others, in a way she never has before.”

You mean, there’s more that has been left unsaid? We can’t think of a political candidate who has talked so very much about his or her defeat. We really think we got it.

Nonetheless, we hope she doesn’t have to put her tickets on fire sale again. That would just be embarrassing. Although, not as embarrassing as her failed campaign.