Democrats, led by the same liberal activists who brought us voter registration drives disguised as protest marches for women, African Americans, illegal immigrants, Muslims, health care, abortion, anti-Trump and anti-hate causes are now organizing an event for our children to skip school in order to show political solidarity for that party’s crusade against the Second Amendment.

Think that’s a harsh appraisal? Before the “How dare you” emails start flying, let us recap:

We are being told repeatedly on social media that it’s not okay anymore to mourn the dead, to feel compassion for those affected by tragedy through prayer, or to simply let people know that our hearts go out to them.

We are not permitted to feel anything except fear, hate, political angst, and the need to attend public demonstrations to shout and wave signs. And, register new Democrats to vote.

The previous marches we’ve mentioned were held by adults. This march, organized by adult Democratic Party organizers, is using children to front their decades-long political cause, and it’s revolting.

Will the events be successful? In terms of kids walking out of school, of course it will. Most normal kids don’t care about politics, but wouldn’t dream of missing an excuse to skip school, no matter the cause.

But in this case, not only are children being used as political pawns, they are being frightened into participating in the march.

Democrats complained endlessly after September 11 that Republicans were scaring the American people needlessly by creating the Homeland Security Department, ever-increasing airline security measures, the Patriot Act and other new laws to protect us from another terrorist attack.

But now, who is scaring who?

The Democrats, and they are scaring our children.