It must be election season because Democratic Pueblo Clerk and Recorder Bo Ortiz has yet another numbers fail. Ortiz originally reported that 18 percent of Unaffiliated voters were not following directions by sending back two ballots, which invalidates their votes. They only get one ballot just like the rest of us.

Bystanders like 9News’ Kyle Clark found that number to be incredibly high and called it “astonishing” (meanwhile, everyone else on Twitter snickered and said, “well, Pueblo…”).

Today, Ortiz has revised his statement saying that the number will be more like four to eight percent, which is more reasonable. But, damn, Pueblo, the numbers in Denver are like one to four percent. Is this a lack of education on the part of Ortiz or are people in Pueblo really not good at following directions?

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Ortiz has stumbled in his professional duties. Just the first time this election. PeakNation™ will remember the following snafus from the Pueblo Clerk and Recorder’s office over the years:

We joke that Pueblo and Ortiz are incompetent, but it’s kind of not funny anymore.