One would think Democrats had learned their lesson and stopped waving the flag of income inequality while wads of hundred dollars bills bulged out of their pockets

But U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is so desperate to avoid talking about the batty Green Deal that New York socialist used an entire box of Crayons to compose, he charged onto his own sword.

The most pressing concern in the U.S., Bennet told “Meet the Press” while perched on his personal stack of $16 million, is income equality.

According to Bennet, people making more money than other people ranks higher than health care concerns, or campaign finance reform (wink, wink), and especially that Green New Deal.

Nice try, Bennet.

But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell isn’t going to let all those senators now jockeying for the Democratic presidential nomination to run away from the Green New Deal that easily.

McConnell has scheduled a vote on the bill, so the entire Senate can take a stand on farting cows and eliminating air travel.

The only way Bennet is avoiding the green deal issue, is if he creates a scheduling conflict with the vote by leading a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, in a chariot, throwing all his gold coins to the masses.

It’s the perfect way for Bennet to prove his point to his liberal voters, that money is more important than Mother Earth.