U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is back on the gymnastics mat, this time flip-flopping over his support for Rifle native David Bernhardt to lead the Interior Department.

Bennet was for Bernhardt before he was against him, voting to confirm Bernhardt as Interior’s deputy secretary less than two years ago.

But things change, Bennet says.

The major change being that Bennet is now running for president and can’t be seen hobnobbing with western folk who think public lands are for the public.

Bennet is instead siding with Beltway environmentalists, who wouldn’t support a Trump nominee even if Hell froze over, which it won’t, because climate change.

Western environmental folks say they don’t always agree with Bernhardt’s decisions, but admit the Republican is trustworthy. And with Bernhardt, they will get a seat at the table and be heard, and they know that.

They would do well to put some pressure on Bennet to change his mind.

This isn’t the first time Bennet has snubbed a key Colorado appointment in the Trump administration, remember Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch?

It’s just as well Bennet is running for president instead of working on a reelection campaign to the Senate representing Colorado.

Because if he can’t support Colorado and Coloradans in Washington, he is of little use as our senator.