This week, Democrats extolled the virtues of Democratic former Speaker Crisanta Duran as a potential 2020 Senate candidate. Former Lt. Governor Gail Schoettler and former Colorado Democratic Party chair Pat Waak are complaining that Colorado has never had a female U.S. Senator. Here’s an explanation from Waak in The Hill:

“One of the things that Gail and I and others are concerned about is a history … where a bunch of guys in the background decide who is going to be the candidate. We don’t want that to happen.”

Waak and Schoettler would be wise to remember that Polis bought himself an election, so it wasn’t so much a bunch of guys in the background deciding as one super rich guy deciding that he wanted to be Governor. If it’s a woman that they want, Duran is the wrong choice. If you recall, PeakNation, Duran presided over the Colorado State House during the shameful incident in which Democrat State Rep. Steve Lebsock was reported to leadership for sexual harassment. And leadership – that’s Duran – did nothing about it for months until they decided to use his abuse as a way to propel Democrat then-State Rep. Faith Winter into her current state Sen. seat.

Not only did Duran not do a damn thing about it, but she also promoted him during that time to lead a committee.

We’re not saying she’s a bad person. Well, not exactly. But we are saying that her previous leadership lapses disqualify her from getting a “promotion” to U.S. Senator. Democrats, Republicans, find yourself a female legislator, but do yourself a favor and find someone deserving of the post.