John Hickenlooper, seated and defeated on some random stranger’s front porch in Iowa.

Sometimes, we hate it when we’re right. 

But we’re not going to stand on ceremony with a lot of “told-you-sos,” because John Hickenlooper has become so predictable, our dog actually made the call.

Hick did not announce he will run for the U.S. Senate during his unemotional and wholly predictable concession speech.

As we said:

Since Hick’s making this morning’s statement in a taped video, we predict it will not include an announcement for a Senate run.

Because that’s not the worst possible way to enter the race.

Instead, he’ll play coy and tease it out, holding out hope for a run until donors throw bales of money at him, basking all the while in the pleadings from the press corps to challenge U.S. Senator Cory Gardner.

Because Hick’s learned nothing from this whole mess.

That’s exactly what he did.

Hick plopped down on some stranger’s porch out in the middle of Iowa with a cameraman it tow, and read his prepared statement with all the canned passion we’ve come to expect from him, about all the serious thought he will give to a Senate run.

And now, we sit back and watch all the knives coming out for Hick among the two hundred Democrats in the running, or thinking about running, against Cory Gardner for U.S. Senate.