California’s vehicle standard for winter mountain passes.

The Trump administration has decided California does not get to dictate vehicle emission standards to the rest of the country including Colorado, which comes as a sharp slap in the face to the Polis and former Hickenlooper administrations that worship every whack idea the leftist state produces.

Like the National Popular Vote Act giving California the power to elect future presidents, but we digress.

Hickenlooper first copied the California mandate in an executive order and Polis followed up with a stricter version telling vehicle manufacturers how many cars they must make under their standards to be sold here, which would come at higher prices for consumers.

This zero emission standards means less vehicles would be powered directly by fossil fuels. Instead, cars will run on electricity, which is powered by fossil fuels. 

See how that makes no sense whatsoever, while raising the cost of buying a car?

And neither does allowing states to individually try and set federal standards for auto manufacturers.

Hickenlooper is pissed his hyper regulatory action makes him look like an idiot, and tried to shift the spotlight onto his political foe, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, with a childish and elitist criticism the senator failed to “raise a pinky finger against Trump’s dangerous actions.”

Hickenlooper and the rest of his eco-nut friends will try to confuse this issue of state versus federal regulatory powers, as one of climate change belief.

If one doesn’t believe California or any state has the power to regulate the auto industry through emissions, or the toilet, showerhead and washing machine industry through stricter water conservation regs, then you’re a climate change denier.

This is Hick and Polis’s fight, not Gardner’s. So those two grown men should defend their own actions rather than stomp their feet because a political foe didn’t come to their rescue.