There’s no need to panic.

The state legislature only reconvened Monday long enough to find a way to adjourn, again, until the threat has passed one of them might catch the COVID-19.

Long before Gov. Polis warned Coloradans to distance or die and issued a stay-home order on March 26, state lawmakers made themselves as scarce as toilet paper and adjourned on March 14.

Their break ended today, so now they are maneuvering into three-day adjournments until the state Supreme Court decides whether the constitutionally mandated 120-day session must be conducted on consecutive days.

If not, lawmakers can take a break for as long as desired and still get all their days back to spend our taxpayer dollars.

As it stands, the legislature is scheduled to adjourn sine die on May 6.

While the Supreme Court is studying the question of legislative calendar days, judges might want to go ahead and determine whether the General Assembly is a critical industry and state lawmakers are actually essential services.