It’s been nearly two weeks since Gov. Polis instructed us all to start wearing masks to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Or as we fondly remember it, the only time we’ve actually seen Gov. Polis actually wearing a mask.

The governor even launched a contest for kids to design face masks, with the contest website asking, “What would you like your friends to see on a mask in your school, your neighborhood, at home?”

Our submission.

Ironic, considering kids can’t even go to school, and masks aren’t required in the home, but we digress. 

We scrolled through Polis’s social media sites and daily briefing videos just to make sure, and we didn’t see a whole lot (any) mask-wearing on Polis’s part.

We did see one occasion where Polis wore a mask ascot style around his neck rather than covering his mouth and nose. But in his defense, he was wearing protective headgear in case a COVID hit him from above.

That’s a pretty lousy example you’re setting for all those kids designing masks at your request, governor.