Gov. Polis’s 10-day house arrest order for all Coloradans that was prolonged to 30 days will finally expire Sunday, but now Polis has extended our sentence to parole with numerous conditions, and he reserves the right to lock us up again.

Polis told us to make huge sacrifices including the 40-day quarantine and massive job losses to flatten the curve and slow COVID-19’S spread so as not to overwhelm our medical infrastructure.

But somewhere along the political path, COVID-19 turned into demands by some to completely stop the virus before we are allowed to move freely about the country again.

It being an election year, horrible things were bound to happen. 

When Republicans began working towards recovery, Democrats including the boy King Polis decided through his auto-renewed emergency powers to drag this out beyond the curve.

The Colorado Sun aptly warns Polis is “preparing the public for a ‘marathon’ of restrictions likely to last for months in order to prevent the new coronavirus from spreading out of control.”

Restaurants and bars can maybe, we’ll see, open in mid-May after a two-month shutdown.

Retailers can open next week for curbside service, whatever the Hell that is.

Two weeks from now, some businesses can reopen but with only 50% of their workforce.

Schools won’t reopen until fall, Polis spinelessly announced in a written statement, which means many parents won’t be able to return to work.

Social distancing could be in place through 2022, we’re now told.

We’re not insensitive to the fact thousands of people got sick here and so many people died, we’re just not clear anymore on this “flatten the curve” approach that was supposed to put this all right in a matter of weeks, then a month, now several months, 2022, whenever. 

We don’t even know where Colorado stands on the whole hospital beds and supplies-to-sick people ratio, because Colorado won’t tell us and the media doesn’t seem to care to inform us. 

Some state health departments give daily updates on how many beds are in use and how many beds are available in hospitals and ICUs statewide. Not ours. 

We’re not told actual supply numbers unless it provides an opportunity for Polis to grandstand on CNN about an incident that never happened.

Here is all the information we’re allowed.

So have we hit the peak, flattened the curve, done what we were asked more than 40 days ago?

It’s not over till it’s over, the Colorado Sun confidently reports.