For those of you working essential jobs that actually require your presence and attention, you’re so lucky to have completely missed John Hickenlooper drinking beer on YouTube this Friday afternoon while talking beer with beer brewers.

Who knew Hick was such a yawn when he drinks, or that any discussion of beer could be so brutally boring?

Here’s what you’re not missing: Hickenlooper’s story about spending New Year’s with his son and joking it was the first time in all of humanity you didn’t need hindsight to have 2020 vision.

That there’s not funny, no matter how much you drink.

The guys with Denver Beer Co., including that one dude in the dark corner who must be in the witness protection program or something, are fake smiling harder than the first runner up in a Miss America contest, and pounding beers faster and faster as Hick drones on.

But there’s nothing interesting Hick’s got to say, no matter how much you drink.