If you thought the media love fest with Gov. Jared Polis’ coronavirus response would never end, you definitely were not alone.

But today there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. In his column for Colorado Politics, veteran reporter Joey Bunch wrote about all the ways Polis has not been truthful with Coloradans throughout this pandemic.

First, the Polis administration had to admit they were over-counting COVID-19 deaths and subsequently lowered the official death count from 1,150 to 878.

Next, Polis had to explain why his decision to close down a cafe in Douglas County is different from him cheering on Elon Musk, who was defying the Governor of California’s public health orders.

Then, Polis’ press office had to backtrack after they misled reporters about the governor considering an executive order “to allow online petition gathering for the November ballot,” since he issued that executive order the very next day.

And Finally, U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton called Polis out for lying to him about how the stimulus money from the federal government would be spent. Tipton’s statement reads:

“Governor Polis’ executive order directly contradicts what he previously told me. In April, I wrote to the Governor asking him to address rumors on his plans for the state’s share of the CARES Act relief funds. He criticized me for questioning the potential use of the funds, said I did not understand how the state budget process works, and said the legislature not the governor would decide how the funds were spent. Now he has unilaterally through an executive order decided how he would use the funds. Either the Governor has forgotten his own accounting of how the state budget process works, or his response in April was an effort to deflect and distract from the question of if he would distribute the funds to local governments for COVID related expenses, as so many have requested. Nothing about this executive order is collaborative or bipartisan, and local officials I have heard from-on both sides of the aisle-have expressed frustration about being kept in the dark. I hope the Governor has answers to the questions our communities will undoubtedly ask about the use of the relief funds.”

Good on Tipton for standing up to the tyrannical governor and fighting to protect Coloradans.

Go read Bunch’s full column here for a few more examples of Polis’ problems with the truth these days.