U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner captured many Americans’ frustration with the manner in which public health officials and Democrat politicians have been enforcing lockdowns and social distancing rules in a recent appearance at the Steamboat Institute’s annual Freedom Conference.

Gardner took public health officials to task for politicizing the coronavirus, as first reported by the Denver Post:

“You want to talk about trust? Trust is when you hear health experts say, ‘I don’t agree with what you’re doing because it’s against the health rules but what you’re doing is just fine because it agrees with me philosophically and politically,’” Gardner said as he pointed from one person to another. “That destroys trust.”

Ever since the racial justice protests first began in Colorado, we have covered the hypocrisy of Democrat politicians and the mainstream media’s silence on maskless protests because liberal journalists happen to agree with the protestors’ cause.

It is disturbing how many of our public health officials and policy experts justify limiting church service attendance for months on end to stop the spread, but are perfectly fine with Black Lives Matter protestors flaunting social distancing rules to deface the State Capitol.

For Democrats and their partners in the media, the ends justify the means. They believe attending a religious service at your local church is not important enough to justify breaking lockdown protocol, but looting and rioting is just fine.

The Democrats 2020 campaign slogan can be boiled down to the following: Summer BBQs are bad; BLM protests are good.

We’ve seen this type of hypocritical behavior repeat itself over and over when it comes to our elected Democrat leaders.

Gov. Polis lashed out at Latinos in July for attending a Mexican rodeo and concert on a private farm in Weld County, but remained silent on the maskless protesters wreaking havoc on downtown Denver.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was caught getting her hair done at a San Fransisco hair salon last week despite a local ordinance (that she supports) mandating all salon closures.

Gardner is now calling out this double standard, and we are pretty confident that the majority of Coloradans agree with his take.