The cardboard cutout of former U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, a prop used to mock the Republican throughout the campaign, has been gifted to the Democrat who defeated him in the November election, John Hickenlooper.

It may sound silly to PeakNation™, but some in the media found it to be of utmost importance to write about.

Hickenlooper supporters didn’t waste time with shallow sentiments in the dozens of messages scrawled on the cardboard photo. 

From Denverite:

“Don’t forget who put you in office,” read a note from Denver Public School board member Tay Anderson.

“Just because you were anointed by the establishment arm of the party doesn’t mean you get Rebekahmended. You gotta earn that,” wrote filmmaker Rebekah Henderson.

The life-size cardboard Cory was toted around by Katie Farnan since 2017 to demonstrate the absence of Gardner at events staged by leftists to ambush the Republican with hostile questions, obnoxious behavior and insulting signs.

Now it’s Republicans who will need their own prop to demonstrate Hickenlooper’s failure to leave his basement to appear in person at events in Colorado.

We recommend a flat, square piece of cardboard with Hick’s picture taped in the middle, because the only time Coloradans are going to see their new U.S. senator over the next six years is on their computer or television screens.