Peak Politics has obtained exclusive video of House impeachment managers walking the articles of impeachment of former President Trump from the House to the Senate. 

It’s only a slight exaggeration.

Democrats are comically claiming to be unifying the country to defeat the pandemic.

But to be more precise, they’re throwing gasoline on a rift and lighting a match.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi selected Colorado Democratic U.S. Rep. Jason Crow to serve as an impeachment manager in the first failed effort to impeach and remove Trump.

Colorado Democrats in safe, lefty seats were chosen yet again for this doomed impeachment effort to remove the former president from office — Diana DeGette and Joe Neguse.

Because no one is above impeachment prosecution to be removed from office, including those who’ve already left office … or something …

Democrats will eventually figure it out.

Meanwhile, here’s the actual walk, but we think our video more accurately portrays the drama of it all.