Former 9News reporter Lori Lizarraga now suggests some of her former colleagues in the newsroom get special treatment from management.

Lizarraga wrote a scathing article charging various forms of discrimination she faced while working at the Denver TV station, including a written warning for interacting on Twitter with black community leaders.

Which is really bizarre, considering that’s basically another day at work for other 9News reporters, like Kyle Clark.

Clark regularly interacts on social media with political activists, many of them far-left, as do other 9News reporters like Marshall Zelinger.

We asked Lizarraga about this apparent discrepancy on Twitter:

As we reported previously this irony was hardly lost on Kyle Clark’s liberal fan base.

Politics aside, the idea anyone at 9News would receive a written warning for simply interacting with political activists on Twitter is ridiculous, especially considering that’s how Clark built his entire left-wing brand and ended up with his own show.

Clark is living proof that if you’re a woke white male, it pays to push the boundaries of liberal bias at 9News.

But if you are a young Latina journalist at 9News who acts like Clark on social media, this could be considered grounds for termination.

We look forward to hearing Clark address this double standard, and perhaps explain how he’s used his white liberal privilege to advance his career.