Two Colorado university presidents fell victim to cancel culture in less than a week.

They’re just not radical enough to educate our socialist leaders of tomorrow.

Greg Salsbury, the president of Western Colorado University in Gunnison resigned on Friday just before the weekend graduation.

On Monday, University of Colorado President Mark Kennedy let it be known that he and the Board of Regents were consulting on his exit strategy.

Both were targeted by university diversity police.

Salsbury committed the political sin of writing about the Jan. 6 stampede through the U.S. Capitol and the summer of love riots in the same paragraph.

Kennedy was the only Republican left. That was his crime.

The announcement follows a censure of Kennedy by the university’s Boulder faculty among signs that Kennedy was on increasingly shaky ground with a Board of Regents that had flipped to Democratic control in the 2020 election. The three wins by Democrats in 2020 marked the first time Democrats have controlled the nine-member board governing the CU system in 41 years.


“It’s a new makeup of the board and I think they want to move things in a new direction,” said University of Colorado spokesman Ken McConnellogue. He said academic success, diversity and inclusion, and technology will continue as areas of emphasis, but there may be other, new ones also.

We’re betting the new areas of emphasis will include Riot 101, perhaps a class on peaceful protest philosophy, and a new degree program in socialism.