The Colorado Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday against the so-called animal cruelty ballot question, kicking it back to the Secretary of State’s office which wrongly titled the measure.

The Title Board must decide if a proposed initiative consists of just one subject and, if it does, set a fair and accurate ballot title.


The Court held that Initiative #16 contained multiple subject and, given its complexity, could mislead voters when they cast their ballots.


The Court vacated the title and remanded to the Board with instructions to return the Initiative to its proponents for lack of jurisdiction because the single subject requirement was not satisfied.


Protect Animals from Unnecessary Suffering and Exploitation, or PAUSE, was a bizarre animal rights measure that tried to cripple the livestock and ranching industry by insisting artificial insemination was animal rape.

Colorado GOP Chair Kristi Burton Brown said the ruling is a win for Coloradans working to feed families. 

“This illogical ballot initiative would further the rural-urban divide in Colorado and destroy family farms, ranches, and the agricultural industry our entire state relies on,” Brown said.

Stunts like this one are why Americans are turning their back on the loony left.

Hat’s off to the state Supreme Court, and good riddance to this measure.