The Senate will vote this week on President Biden’s controversial nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management.

Tracy Stone-Manning seemed like such a radical pick when Biden first named the former tree-spiking enthusiast and friend to ecoterrorism as his nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management.

But that was in the distant past of Biden’s administration — almost four months ago — before anyone could truly conceive just how truly whackadoodle and batshit crazy the old man would rule this country as he paddled it down the drain.

Stone-Manning makes perfect sense, now, to take the reins of the West’s public lands agency for the administration that can’t shoot straight.

When not under friendly fire from his own military generals, Biden can continue his work kneecapping the economy, dismantling the workforce, and turning the southern border into a wide-open freeway towards American welfare freebies.

He can leave it to Stone-Manning to light a match and watch those 247 million public acres burn.

And speaking of freebies, will those BLM backcountry rafting trips just days ago influence key western Senate voters like U.S. Sens. Michael Bennet and Mitt Romney to approve Stone-Manning’s nomination?

Sure looks like the BLM showed them a good time!