Republican state Rep. Tim Geitner of Falcon thinks parents have a right to know what their children are learning in school, so he’s authored legislation to make teaching materials more accessible and transparent to the public. 

HB22-1066 would require school districts to post on their websites at list of all educational materials for each grade, subject, and course.

Schools would have to provide those materials used to educate a student upon request by the parent. 

In addition, schools would have to disclose copies of surveys, nonacademic assessments, analysis, and evaluations distributed to students; a list of the devices, programs, and software that schools use to collect student biometric data; and, information concerning the professional development requirements for teachers.

The bill is a common sense approach to rebuilding trust between parents and schools, which has become fractured in the debate over Critical Race Theory.

Terry McAuliffe was ousted as governor of Virginia after his quip that parents should not be telling schools what they should teach.

It will be interesting to see how Colorado Democrats react to legislative measures that would give parents a voice in their education here.