The “nonpartisan” Colorado Times Recorder blog has dropped any pretense of objectivity by hiring a local Democrat operative with a history of incendiary commentary on social media.

The move isn’t particularly surprising considering the Times Recorder effectively (despite what the blog claims on their website) serves as an apparatus of trackers for the Colorado Democrat Party.

In that sense, Davis should fit right in.

He’s worked for elected Democrats in a variety of capacities over the last several years including as the deputy director of the state House Democrat campaign organization.

It appears Davis will continue his campaign work while writing for the Times Recorder, and continue serving in leadership for a union representing Democrat staffers at the state capitol.

Several weeks back, Davis contributed to a Times Recorder post that whined about Senate candidate Joe O’Dea refusing to speak with the liberal outlet.

O’Dea was dead right to tell these libs to pound sand, especially considering Davis’s recent history of incendiary commentary that we’ve documented time and again on Peak.

In December. Davis reacted to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict with an explicit call for violence against law enforcement, before deleting the tweet a few hours later.

“Soup for our families” is a euphemism BLM and ANTIFA rioters use to describe projectiles they intend to hurl at cops.

Davis also celebrated President Trump’s positive COVID test in 2020, and criticized people who expressed sympathy.

There was a time when wishing death upon your political opponents or attempting to incite violence against law enforcement might get you exiled from operative-land.

Those days are over in today’s Colorado Democrat Party.

Davis and the Times Recorder are as extreme as the party they represent. No Republican, or frankly any reasonable elected official, is under any obligation to treat the outlet with any shred of legitimacy.