Denver’s top prosecutor Beth McCann has survived numerous scandals since she was first elected in 2016.

McCann is notorious for her refusal to prosecute the 9News security guard who shot and killed Lee Keltner during a 2020 conservative political rally.

Then there was the time she blocked efforts by police to pursue prosecution of Denver School Board member Tay Anderson following the school board’s own investigation of harassment complaints.

The Denver Police Department brought a sexual assault case against Anderson to the district attorney’s office, but after reviewing the facts, prosecutors decided Thursday they would be unable to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury, said Carolyn Tyler, a spokeswoman for Democrat District Attorney Beth McCann.

She also refused to investigate claims of sexual misconduct in the state Senate.

And who can forget her husband’s issues with fire, including one that got out of control and forced an evacuation near Kremmling. He was never prosecuted.

Plus her suspect connection to George Soros.

But now comes word of a new scandal McCann ignored, this one in her own office, which is supposed to be ground zero for law and order in the City of Denver.

The Denver Post reports on allegations of gender pay gaps between male and female prosecutors, which is the topic of an ongoing lawsuit that alleges systemic gender discrimination by McCann.

We expect progressives everywhere will be totally triggered by these accusations of retaliation and horrible wrongdoings, that surfaced after the female prosecutor retired upon completing 25 years of service.

Among other wrongs, she accuses McCann’s office of an unfounded internal investigation against her, in which she was written up for raising her voice, and sarcasm.

It would be bizarre justice if the scandal that finally did in McCann’s political prosecutorial career was one that she ignored within her own office.

Stay tuned!