New polling shows Republican gubernatorial challenger Heidi Ganahl is in a statistical dead heat with Democrat Gov. Jared Polis, reports The Fort Morgan Times.

The internal polling shows that when key campaign issues are presented to likely voters, Ganahl trails Polis by 2% and within the margin of error.

“This polling echoes what I am seeing on the campaign trail every day: Coloradans have had enough of Jared Polis,” Ganahl said. “They are tired of high crime rates and an out-of-control cost of living. We are closing in on Jared Polis. No amount of spending can erase a failed record.”

The poll was conducted by Remington Research Group on Aug. 21-22 with 1,503 likely general election voters.

“When voters are educated on Colorado Gov. Jared Polis’ positions on fentanyl, crime, and education, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Heidi Ganahl pulls within two points,” the report from Ganahl’s campaign reads.

Only one other poll has been conducted, which showed Polis just outside the margin of error of nearly 3% with a 4.7% lead.

The polls come before the candidates have yet to meet in any debates. The first is scheduled for Pueblo on Sept. 28.

If Ganahl’s internal polling holds true, then the more voters learn about Polis’s record, the less likely they are to vote for him.

No wonder Polis has only agreed to three debates.