Dear Leader will be holding court and granting his voting subjects an audience at four Front Range locations before Election Day.

Oh, and Jared Polis wall also allow for one stop each on the Western Slope and Eastern Plains because he just remembered people live in those places, and vote.

Come one, come all, cause if that dude gets reelected you won’t see him again for another four years.

Contrary to the clever graphic, Polis won’t be traveling in a lime green van, and he’s not engaging with voters in every corner of the state, not by a longshot.

He’s barely even engaging with this Republican opponent Heidi Ganahl, in debates.

Last we saw, the two will make a joint appearance at the Pueblo debate on Sept. 28, a Denver debate, of course, on Oct. 13, and a debate in Colorado Springs on Oct. 16. Like we said, hardly the far reaches of the state.

Once again, Polis has blown off the Club 20 debate and key Western Slope voters, however Ganahl will attend.